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 Introductory information
All orders which are received through the Internet interface (that is the shopping cart), in an electronic form to an e-mail address, delivered in writing to our mailing address or accepted over the phone or by fax are considered as binding unless they are canceled during the day of ordering. The order can be performed by a physical or by a corporation. By sending the order the customer confirms the agreement with the entire wording of the "Business conditions" which apply to the Internet store,,, and, at the instant of the performing of the order. The purchase contract actually occurs at the instant of the taking over of the ordered goods by the purchaser. A declaration of conformity according to the law no. 22/1997 Coll. was issued for the entire assortment.


How to purchase over the Internet interface

We recommend to perform a “Registration” before purchasing. The registration is performed by clicking on the reference link "Registration", which you will find in the upper right corner. After clicking, a form will appear which you can fill out and click on the button "Send". After registering, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with the entered information. As a registered customer, you have easy access to your orders, where you can monitor the history of your orders and ordered goods and also the status the order is at. At the same time, during repeated ordering of goods you do not have to repeatedly enter the invoicing and delivery information. This information is automatically loaded for the registered users after logging in.


If you know the product which you are interested in (for example the stove ABX ALBORG ), then it is sufficient to enter the name of this product "ALBORG" into the search window in the upper left corner of the screen. Subsequently there will be displayed a single or several items which corresponds to this string. If the search does not find anything, even though the product actually does exist under this name, then you can acquire information about it over the phone at TEL: 549 216 232. If you do not yet have a product selected, then you can also use the search according to categories in the left column.


After clicking on the selected item the detail of the product will be displayed where you will find closer information including prices with VAT and a picture and possibly further technical views and color design. The clicking on the shopping cart symbol on the selected item will place this item to the contents of your “shopping cart” (at the same time the shopping cart will be displayed with the entire contents). One piece of the product will be automatically assigned and if you would like to purchase two or more pieces then simply change the number beside the selected item in the shopping cart. You can use the “recalculate” button to find the total price of the goods in the shopping cart. You can display the contents of the shopping cart at any time, by using the shopping cart symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. In case you are interested in purchasing several items (goods), then just follow the same method until you have all of the items in the purchase cart.


After clicking the “Buy” button in the purchase cart there will be displayed an order form with "Invoicing information" and the "Delivery address". Into the form you will fill in the information which you would like to appear on the invoice and also state the place of delivery, if it is different from the invoicing information. Please use the field “Remark” to enter a possible time limit on the delivery of the goods or other specifying information. Click on the "Continue" button after filling out this form.


Now a form will appear with the delivery region and the method of payment. Here you will choose the region and the method of payment for the goods and click the button "Buy".


Then the entire recap of the order will be displayed where you can see the content of the shopping cart, the possible price for delivery, the invoicing information and the place of delivery. Please re-check the status of the order along with the information stated here one more time. If everything is in order then click on the button "Buy". If you would like to still make a change in the order then click on the button "Back".


If you have clicked the button "Buy" then the monitor will display the message "Your order has been stored and an e-mail has been sent to your address - Confirmation of the order". At that instant, an e-mail was sent to your e-mail address with the recap of the order.


The telephone confirmation of the order will be confirmed to you by one of our operators on the stated telephone number, at the latest by the following working day. The operator will inform you about the term of the delivery and the approximate time of the delivery of the goods to your address.


The price
The price of the goods is calculated including VAT. A delivery fee is added to the price only in the case that the price of the goods does not exceed the minimum limits, see the delivery fee.


Delivery fee - Prices for transportation in the CR in relation to the method of payment (does not apply for consulates of the CR abroad)
The delivery fee is charged only for goods, which are sent by a transport service company and the price of the goods does not exceed a certain amount. If you are not sure then please do not hesitate to contact us.


The delivery is performed by 2 trained workers
The maximum comfortable delivery is secured by 2 trained workers, which will always deliver the goods without your help to the designated place (into the flat, office etc.) with the use of quality manipulation technology. During the delivery there takes place an immediate inspection in order to see that the goods are not damaged inc. unpacking.

The possibility of paying for the cash on delivery by using the payment cards VISA and MasterCard
Every IAS vehicle is equipped with a mobile terminal for the acceptance of payment cards VISA and MasterCard. Therefore, you can pay for the cash on delivery upon the arrival of goods.

We recommend this for the transportation of fragile goods, wc, Washbasins, Bathtubs!!! The transport service will carefully re-inspect the delivered goods with you.


Methods of payment and delivery

By a bank transfer - the goods are paid for on the basis of the issued invoice. The goods will be sent to the address of the customer after the financial amount is transferred to our account in the

FIO BANK - Czech republic : 
IBAN : CZ90 2010 0000 0029 0213 2351
. In the case that the customer is interested in personally picking up the goods at a business partner in the CR (Brno, Praha, Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav, Svitavy, Hradec Králové, Kutná Hora, Jihlava, Znojmo, Olomouc, Opava, Ostrava, Zlín, Frýdek Místek and Veselí nad Moravou ) then a bill of delivery will be sent to the supplier to the e-mail address after the transfer of the amount to our account. The goods will be issued to the customer in the shipping stock on the basis of the bill of delivery. The shipping stock - the pickup place will be agreed ahead of time, that is before the issuing of the invoice – information at TEL: 549 216 232


In cash - the goods are paid for in cash at the premises of the company Bravura s.r.o., Stankova 22, 612 00 Brno. Before purchasing, get informed about the accessibility of the goods and the possibility of pickup at the premises, at TEL: 549 216 232

By the payment card (VISA, EUROCARD - MASTERCARD etc.) - The goods will be sent to the address of the customer after the financial authorization.


Transportation and taking over the goods
The ordered goods are delivered to the address and the number which the customer- receiving party has entered. The goods are delivered through a delivery service. The driver is not obligated to move packages all the way into the house or the flat, unless agreed otherwise by both the parties. We deliver the ordered goods across the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Denmark, Poland and Slovenia.

As a principle, do not accept goods which are delivered to you with a visibly damaged packing and return it to the transport company, and state this reason of not taking over the goods into the bill of delivery - "damaged package". Will immediately arranged the delivery of substitute non-damaged goods free of charge. We would like to remind you of the fact that by taking over the goods (that is by signing the bill of delivery) you're taking the risk upon yourself for damaged goods during transportation, and due to this reason, it will not therefore be possible to subsequently claim the goods. Therefore, before taking over the order, very carefully inspect the completion and intactness of the transportation packing and only then take over the goods. No additional expenses will be charged to you in the case of not taking over the goods due to the reason of damage during transportation.

Furthermore, at the latest within 24 hours of taking over the goods, unpack the goods (suitably still with the driver of the transport company - cargo package) and perform an inspection of the package after unpacking. Contact us immediately in the case of damage under the packing, and we will provide reparation. After this time it is no longer possible to the knowledge the claim of the damaged package. The defects and functionality are solved in accordance with the guarantee certificate.


Deliver term
The delivery term depends on the selection of the goods and the method of transportation. The order is settled within 5 days if the goods are in stock and will be sent as cash on demand or if it will be picked up personally at the sales room or the stock at a contract partner. If the goods will be paid for by a bank transfer then the goods will be delivery to you within 5 days hours from the transferring of the payment onto our account. If the goods will not be in stock or if the goods will be on order, we will in return inform you about the proximate delivery term. The term of delivery within 5 days does not apply to orders accepted outside of the working days or during holidays. In this case, the limit of 5 Days hours for the delivery of the goods is advanced to the first following working day, when the transportation will be ordered.

Documents - guarantee certificate, guaranteed terms and order of claims
The guarantee certificate is usually a part of the delivered goods. If it is not, then the guarantee period is given by the tax certificate or it is by law. The tax certificate will be sent after the taking over of the goods at the latest within 14 days, if it was not a part of the delivered goods. In the case that you have a non-confirmed guarantee certificate from our side, then please send it to us for confirmation.
The goods are subject to the guarantee according to the guarantee conditions and terms stated in the guarantee certificates of individual products. The minimum guarantee period is 24 months. The guarantee starts on the day of the taking over of the subject of fulfillment. In the case of an occurrence of a defect in the subject of fulfillment, to which the guarantee applies, then the purchaser applies the securing of the repair directly at the seller.
In the case of a claim the purchaser is obligated to inform the seller in writing (e-mail). We please ask for the most detailed description of the reason for the claim in such an announcement. We will then inform you, within five working days, about further procedure in the processing of the claim. In other cases, the claim is governed by the valid laws, mainly then the Consumer protection law.


Canceling of the order from the side of the buyer - withdrawal from the contract - returning of the goods (without stating a reason)


The canceling of the order from the side of the buyer
In accordance with the law no. 367/2000 Coll. from the day of September 14, 2000, every customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from taking over the goods during a mail order form of sale. If you decide to withdraw during this term, then we please ask you to maintain all of the below stated conditions:
- the goods must not be used
- the goods must be in the original packing and complete (including accessories, manual, etc.)
- the goods must not be damaged in any way
- together with the returned goods it is also necessary to send the original tax document, that is the invoice, together with the bill of delivery
- the purchaser pays for the mailing fee connected with the sending of the goods back to the seller, the goods being returned should be insured during transportation
- the goods must not be sent cash on delivery, such a package cannot be accepted from our side!!! In the case that the buyer refuses to take over of the goods or cancels the order after the goods are sent, even though a delivery term has been agreed between the buyer and the seller, the seller-operator of the Internet store PROFISTAVBA.CZ - Bravura s.r.o can ask for the payment of all the expenses related with the transportation to the buyer and back to the stock.

Procedure for the cancellation of the purchase contract:
Send a letter, in writing to our address, with the request for a unilateral withdrawal from the contract no. of the order and the request for the returning of the paid amount for the goods to the address or by a transfer to an account number. Deliver the goods to the stated address, do not send the goods cash on delivery - it cannot be taken over from our side!!!

During the simultaneous fulfillment of all of the above stated conditions for the returning of the goods we will send you the full purchase price by a post money order to the stated address or by a transfer to your bank account, at the latest within 30 days after the physical receiving of the goods. Unfortunately, in the case of non-fulfillment of any of the above stated conditions we will not be able to accept the withdrawal from the consumer contract and the goods will be returned back, at the expense of the sender.

The canceling of the order from the side of the seller
The seller reserves the right to cancel the entire order or its part in these warranted cases:
- the goods are no longer manufactured or delivered
- the price has changed significantly
In the case that such a situation would really take place, we are obligating ourselves that we will contact you immediately by phone or e-mail and we will subsequently agree with you about further procedure (the compensation of the ordered goods by other goods, the cancellation of the entire order, ...).
If you have already paid a deposit for the goods by a bank transfer, then the money will be transferred back to your account within three working days.


Protection of personal information
The operator of the Internet store PROFISTAVBA.CZ, SK, DE, AT, EU declares, that all personal information will only be used for the need of the Internet shop PROFISTAVBA.CZ, SK, DE, AT, EU for the speeding up and the simplifying of processing the orders and tax documents.
While handling personal data the company Bravura s.r.o. is obligating themselves to follow the Law no.101/2000 Coll. about the protection of personal information. It is not possible to hand over any information of a personal character without approval.
By registering, the customer gives the approval for gathering of personal information. During the registration basic customer information is required, which are further supplemented during the implementation of the order. The customer has the right to ask for the erasing of the personal information from the database (cancellation of registration).